Friday, October 31, 2008


Growth strategy

The first store under the guise «Wall-Mart» was opened in Rogers in 1962, first the company grew slowly. By 1970, after transforming the company into an open joint stock company, the network consisted of only 18 stores with a turnover of $ 44 million, however, after 10 years, the total number of stores grew to 276, while volume sales - up to 1.2 billion.

By 1990 the network «Wall-Mart», there are 1, 700 supermarkets, has become the largest in the United States. Then followed its rapid expansion, which has not prevented even death in 1992, the founder of the network. Case continued heirs of Sam Walton. There are offices in Mexico and Canada and then to a dozen other countries. In the past few years, commercial space Wall-Mart steadily increased by 8% a year. Only in 2006, the company opened about 600 stores. Thanks to its enormous size of the corporation to invest enormous resources in the development of new markets. None of the competing companies had not been able to invest such funds in the expansion.

The success of Wall-Mart around the world has become a strategy of aggressive expansion, coupled with low prices. But the major role played by clear and specialty commercial enterprises in four areas:

-Shops and cheap goods» (diskauntery);

-supertsentry» (grocery supermarkets, combined with shops and cheap manufactured goods);

-clubs Sam» (requiring a paid membership of buyers);

-local markets» (here are sold exclusively food).

Innovative methods of the network «Wall-Mart» perfectly combined with classical methods of competition. For example, when moving to another market for the company to apply a series of simple but effective tactics, in particular deliberately underestimate the price in order to suppress competition. An important tool in the effective promotion of the consumer is that the top managers of Wall Marta seek to take into account the social context in which to live and work that consumer. For its purchase - not random «atomic» unit, but the agent is a cultural environment of the local social networks. Hence - a well-known tactic of Wall-Mart, aimed at creating a «human face» the company, its active work on its image, in particular the provision of financial assistance to local educational institutions, religious organizations, etc.

Reduce costs while moving into new markets contributed to the fact that the company prefers to buy existing network of shopping centers, and then rebuild them in line with its principles and connected to the unified system of delivery, and accounting items. Obviously, together with such networks, the company acquires and their customers.

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