Thursday, October 30, 2008

Symptoms of syphilis

Syphilis in a given period of time has certain characteristics:

Heavier during syphilis;

With syphilis there expressed decline in the immune system;

Increase in the number of hidden forms of syphilis;

Increasing smear serological reactions;

Growth of the nervous system lesions in the early stages of syphilis.

One of the main causes of changes in the clinic and current syphilis is broad and does not always justify the use of antibiotics. The application for the purpose of self, or if preventive antibiotics, including those previously used to treat syphilis (a group of penicillin) modifies the clinic and during syphilis, worsen the prognosis of disease.

Primary latent syphilis (syphilis I latens) - syphilis, characterized by the appearance of chancre, which is the erosion or ulcer. Also rising Regional lymph nodes.

In secondary syphilis appear rash, rash (roseola, papules, pustule) on the skin and mucous membranes. Runs this stage - undulating.

Congenital syphilis (congenital syphilis) - syphilis, in which the infection occurred from sick mother during intrauterine development.

Syphilis malignant - hard current syphilis lesion with extensive internal organs and nervous system, typical for patients with oppressed immune system, the presence of various diseases - HIV, hepatitis B, C, abuse addictions.

Analysis for syphilis

For the diagnosis of syphilis is necessary, except for special data history and objective survey of the patient, laboratory diagnosis of syphilis:

Bacteriological study;

Serologic studies of blood;

Study cerebrospinal liquid.

Modern laboratory diagnosis of syphilis:

Immunosorbent analysis;

Method immunobloting;

Polymerase chain reaction

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