Friday, October 31, 2008

Male sterility

Sterility - this pathological state, which is characterized by an inability to obtain offspring of the couple for one year without the use of contraceptive methods. A long time believed that the cause of infertility is the woman's body. But now there is no doubt the existence of male forms of infertility.

Male sterility - it changes by the health of male reproductive system, not allowing a man to conceive offspring.

Male sterility specialists are divided into three forms:

1. secretory

2. retention

3. Immunologic

In addition, lead to infertility, many reasons, more detailed in the article «Erectile dysfunction».

Secretory form of male sterility

In this form of testicles, for various reasons do not produce healthy motile sperm in the quantities that are sufficient to successfully fertilized egg. The reasons for violations may include: hormonal disorders, genetic factors, severe chronic disease (diabetes), deferred inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs (orchitis, mumps), edema testicle, varicolored, over wind testicle and others. The factors that encourage the emergence of the disease include: inadequate protein diet, vitamin deficiency, trauma testicles, occupational hazard (ionizing radiation, high temperature, contact with various toxic substances).

Retention form of male sterility

In this form of infertility there is an obstacle to follow spermatozoon of the testicles in urethra. This obstacle could be: congenital absence or narrowing of the site seminiferous tract, solder, remaining after an inflammatory or infectious process, cyst or tumor or nearby genital organs, scar after the operation.

Immunological form of male sterility

This form of infertility develops, usually after trauma testicle. In this form the body begins to produce antibodies to the testes tissue. In normal testes tissue and immune system are disconnected. When trauma happens contact of the two systems, and the immunity of the body begins to take testicles as an alien entity. Antibodies can be shaped directly to spermatozoon.

The treatment of male sterility

First and foremost, this is the removal of the causes that led to the development of infertility - the removal of inflammation in the circumcision operation at the dropsy testicle, varicolored. When retention form identifies the level and extent of the site obstruction and performed surgery to remove it. When hormonal variations prescribes to correct hormonal background. In the form immunological male infertility carried out comprehensive treatment, the course of androgen and enzymatic substance drugs.

The treatment of any form of male infertility (except in compromised), except for removing the causes, including activities aimed at stimulation of spermatophyte. These are the good way of life, full albumen food, sports, admission of certain hormones that have a stimulating influence on the testicles, receiving drugs that enhance blood circulation to the genitals, as well as the course vitamins therapeutics. When treating male infertility need to control semen perform every 2-3 months.

The treatment of male infertility - a lengthy process, which requires the full cooperation and understanding between the urology and patient. In our clinic specialists carefully and correctly approach to the problems of each patient. Modern laboratory identify the causes that lead to the development of infertility, to monitor changes in the body against the backdrop of therapy.

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