Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Co-infection of HIV and hepatitis C

The term co-infection is used when a person is sick two or more diseases simultaneously.Because the way of contracting HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) are the same, many infected with both HIV and HCV.

It is understandable that there are two diseases simultaneously greatly complicate your task of maintaining their health. HIV infection worsens hepatitis C, because the liver damage occurs quickly. It is therefore very important that your doctor understand how HIV and HCV affect your health. Some patients are observed simultaneously with a specialist in liver diseases and HIV doctors, who together make every effort to maintain the health of the patient. Because HIV medicines are processed in the liver, it is very important to regularly monitor its condition and to prevent damage by these drugs.If tests show that the liver responds poorly to HIV medicines, your doctor may appoint another drug.

It is important to remember following:

Everyone infected with HIV should take the test at GHS.

The condition of the liver must be constantly monitored, as well as drugs for HIV can damage the liver.

As HIV and HCV treatable, so talk with your doctor possible treatment for you.

Vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, if before that you were not infected.

Do not flap, and try as much as possible to learn about HIV and HCV, and work together with your doctor to maintain their own health.

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