Monday, December 22, 2008

AIDS and human

One of the biggest shocks of our time is the emergence and rapid spread of "disease Century" - AIDS. Today the name of this virus is not gone from the pages of newspapers, TV and sound with radios: in our country faced the problem of disposable syringes, make demands polls checking with AIDS, set up various funds to fight the virus and allocated huge sums of money to inspect and search medications. In other countries made similar studies, and so far the AIDS virus studied very well, but a vaccine against it could not be found. Recently, some Western scientists studying AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus), are not so much finding a vaccine, but rather explore the causes of the devastating effects of the virus in the human immune system. The properties of human blood, including the features available on individual species and racial groups. Perhaps as a result of these studies will find answers to the concerns of our questions: - Why only a small fraction of infected fall ill and die? - How are based on racial origin DIG sick? - Why did the bulk of sick and the dead are in Africa and the USA? This raises another, at first sight paradoxical, but a very important question: Is AIDS a real danger to our people?
The South African weekly "Patriot" reports that some data from several studies of Western scholars, suggesting that AIDS is acting strictly selective and destroys the immune system, resulting in the deaths of only those people whose veins runs the blood type of black people. That is, AIDS is a danger only to blacks, mulatto, Jews and Roma representatives whites kinds of people can be carriers of AIDS, but never ill if their immune system is not weakened by outside influences (drug addiction, alcoholism, homosexuality, etc.). This hypothesis is based on the fact that the blood of black and white type of people varies greatly in their qualities of immunological and biochemical indicators. When you mix black and white type of people (even through the centuries and generations) remains black blood biochemical indicators. This was demonstrated as far back as 1925 by soviet scientists who discovered the chemical reaction that gives the opportunity to find racial differences in blood. During the experiment, they took the blood of Russians (type of white people) and Jewish blood (black and white hybrid), produced from each response and got different results. This reaction identified Jews in 91.7% of all cases, that is enough for scientific and forensic evidence. All this allows to argue about the biochemical difference between Russian and Jewish blood. On the racial specificity of certain diseases, wrote in the 20's of the famous Soviet scientist BAN Peevishness (in his works dealt with, in particular malaria). Scientific studies have refuted demand proverb - "the blood of all the same - red. Blood is different for different types of people.
Our blood, the blood of white people, not such as the blood of blacks, mulatto and Jews. And should the hypothesis is confirmed, we can not be afraid of AIDS and boldly argued: AIDS is not dangerous white PEOPLE! Examples of indirectly supporting this hypothesis, many of them. Take the least sensational story with children, infected in children's hospitals city Alistair. The newspapers he predicted quick death, demanding placed in isolation. Who knows how much emotional pain experienced mother, listening to tales of mortal danger to their children and feeling ill of others? But time has passed, children grows up, strengthened and now his joyous laughter destroys the myth about AIDS. Nominated hypothesis Western researchers claimed: "danger to our health is not" But under the influence of public relations, many color, not knowing about these studies are afraid of AIDS.

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