Monday, December 22, 2008

The problem of AIDS once again seen by scientists

Since the detection of the world's first AIDS patient in 1981 in the scientific world, not rage disputes over how the same experience this disease. At one time in the post-Soviet space was quite popular version, that AIDS arose in the laboratories of American scientists who worked on the order of the CIA and the Pentagon. Subsequently, it turned out that this myth was artificially born purely for political reasons. It should be noted that the U.S. has never promoted version of that virus was developed by Russian scientists on whose orders or, as the basic version of the emergence of AIDS was recognized as the one on which this horrible disease we inherited a legacy of monkeys.
Currently known two types of AIDS virus. It is believed that one goes from green monkeys, and another - from anthropoid apes are likely orangutan. As of today in the scientific world leads people first became infected by a virus, then mutated into AIDS in 40-50th of the last century in countries such as Cameroon, Equatorial Guiana, Congo and the Central African Republic, where local residents have traditionally hunted on the monkeys and use their meat for food.
Recently, however, in the scientific world there were reports that questioned the accepted version of the emergence of AIDS. For example, with a rather exotic hypothesis made in the press group of scientists from the University of Melbourne. In their view, the AIDS virus came to Europe as a result of transfers aging rich testicles infected African chimpanzees. Such transplants with a view to rejuvenating practiced in France, Switzerland and Portugal.
Less exotic, but a scientific hypothesis put forward by the International Conference on Virology in Sydney, American specialists. They reported that the AIDS virus has been detected in the frozen tissues of people who died more than 30 years ago in the hospital of SST. Louis. They confidently stated that a comparative study of the virus 30 years ago and the current forms, can say that the virus mutated in the human body long before the outbreak of the disease in Africa, perhaps for hundreds of years. This discovery calls into question the old theory of the origin of the virus from African monkeys. Who knows, maybe after some time, scientists will prove that AIDS infection is much older than the accepted thinking, and that, for example, the dinosaurs became extinct it was from AIDS.

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