Friday, November 7, 2008

HIV and pregnancy

HIV-positive women who want to become pregnant HIV-negative men

During unprotected sex, there is little risk of infection with a male partner. This can be avoided if a woman uses a set of self-insemination. In this simple procedure, a woman inseminate himself during ovulation her partner sperm collected in a sterile jar. Most hospitals and organizations on women's health can offer advice and equipment.

HIV-negative women wishing to become pregnant HIV-positive men

Child transmission occurs when the virus is transmitted from an infected mother to child in outer, during birth or breast-feeding. If the father is HIV-positive, and my mother - no, the child will not be directly infected through the paternal sperm. If a woman is infected at the time of conception, there is a significant risk of transmission to the child because the viral load of women during interconversion is likely to be high. While there cases where women become pregnant of HIV-positive men and not infected, there is no reliable information to explain why this was possible.

Some couples wishing to conceive a child may try to minimize the risk of infection with women, engaging in unprotected sex only when the chances of getting pregnant are high, and the possibility of HIV infection is low. It happens during ovulation in women, or when the viral load her partner was not determined. However, the theory that during this period the risk of HIV transmission is reduced, has not yet been proved.

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