Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How anti-HIV drugs are dispensed

You will get a prescription for your HIV treatment, when you be present at your ordinary HIV clinic engagement, which you take to either the professional HIV drug store (in larger clinics) or to the hospital’s outpatient dispensary. A extreme-road chemist will not usually distribute anti-HIV drugs, unless your clinic has an covenant with a particular chemist.

You should be given supplies to last until your next clinic engagement. Once you are steady on HIV treatment, with an undetectable viral burden, you may be able to order with your clinic to have your HIV treatment delivered to you (see our factsheet for more intelligence on ‘home’ utterance, sometimes also called regional deliverance). You will still need to be present at routine HIV clinic appointments to have your condition monitored. Always produce sure you have enough medication to last until your next clinic assignment. If you think you might run out before this, connection your clinic as soon as possible to organize a further present.

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