Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Candida and AIDS

There is a connection between candida and our immune system and a strong impact on the body when AIDS or HIV is factor. AIDS cripples the body's immune system and candida takes full advantage of that scenario.

HIV and AIDS patients are suffering from a nearly defenseless immune system so it can be difficult to fend off candida. In a normally healthy person who has a lowered immune system due to a non-life threatening illness it can be harder to fight off a yeast infection but for someone who has a seriously impaired immune system candida can become deadly and it can:

-get into the bloodstream,
-interfere with functions of vital organs;
-and stop the body from absorbing necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Many who are dealing with immune system problems quickly learn that they need to take these yeast infections very seriously and work with doctors and natural health practitioners to actively keep their yeast levels under control through medication and through natural supplements and a candida diet.

Candida is a form of yeast that exists naturally in everyone. It is normally harmless and is simply present in the body. However, if the body for one reason or another falls out of balance, candida can grow excessively, leading to a host of problems. Unlike many other medical conditions, there is not just one cause of candidiasis that is accepted by the medical community. There is a combination of a variety of different factors that allows this form of yeast to wreak havoc on the human body.

There are certain individuals that are more prone to candida overgrowth than others. It is understood that individuals with compromised immune systems are more susceptible than others for abnormal candida growth. People with AIDS, diabetes, cancer, depression, the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions are most at risk. Prolonged use of certain medications may also put an individual at risk of developing an overgrowth of candida.

Immune weakness is probably the most obvious reason for the development of candidiasis. When the immune system is compromised the body is vulnerable to attack from a wide variety of pathogens - not just candida. Interestingly, candida can often start to flourish when a person uses antibiotics as antibiotics kill off the good bacteria that are instrumental in keeping candida production in check. When good bacteria is depleted the environment for candida to thrive is created.

While there is no single reason for candidiasis to develop, there are a number of factors that can pile up, thus triggering candida overproduction. Have you ever heard the saying 'the straw that broke the camel's back'? It is an excellent way to understand how candidiasis develops. When candida takes on a dominant role in the body this potential form of virulent yeast transforms into its fungal form. This fungal state enables candida to cause damage and release dangerous toxins into the body. If you remember that one of the causes of mass candida is toxins, you can see the creation of a cycle that further sets the body at risk for various health problems. There are many causes of candida that must be accounted for. If you understand how candida is produced in abundance, you can formulate a plan to fight against it.

Remember, if you suspect that you may have developed candidiasis, you should immediately work to counter it. There are many steps you can take - both natural and through medical intervention. Make sure that you research all your options and choose the path that will help you achieve better health.

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