Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What is Egrifta (Tesamorelin) in life of bodybuilders?

There are a wide variety of drugs that can help bodybuilders achieve major muscle gains and cut fat quickly and efficiently. One of the latest potential bodybuilding drugs is Egrifta the brand name of the drug Tesamorelin.

Traditionally used to help HIV patients reduce body fat around their abdomens, Egrifta is now being tested for use in non-HIV patients. Even more interesting is the fact that some bodybuilders have already gotten a hold of the drug in hopes of vanishing body fat around their waist, and building the ultimate set of abs. So is Egrifta the answer for people who have trouble getting ripped abs? Let’s dive a little deeper into the subject, beginning with the basics of Egrifta.
EGRIFTA (tesamorelin) is an FDA-approved treatment for HIV-related belly fat. More specifically, this injectable prescription medicine cuts down on abdominal fat that’s brought on by lipodystrophy (abnormal body fat composition). The way Egrifta works is by acting on the pituitary cells in the brain so that your body produces more human growth hormone. In short, the drug contains a growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF).

As of right now, Egrifta is not approved for anything other than treating HIV-related abdominal fat deposits. In the past, the drug had been considered a possible solution for improving cardiovascular health in HIV patients, but nothing definitive has been discovered on this front. In fact, there are concerns over whether the product could be just as damaging as it is helpful when treating anything related to the cardiovascular system.

In any case, the only current benefit to using Egrifta is the aforementioned reduction of belly fat in people affected by HIV. But with this being said, many bodybuilders are wondering what the drug can do for their physical appearance.
Those looking to use Egrifta (Tesamorelin) to cut down fat around their mid-section should know right away that there’s no proof it will reduce fat that comes from overeating or not working out.

In regards to using Egrifta, you’re supposed to take a daily injection in the fatty area around the abdomen (never inject the drug directly into a muscle or bruised area). As with pretty much any drug, your chances of properly using Egrifta increase greatly with the help of a doctor, but unless you’ve got HIV, you probably aren’t going to be getting this drug from a doctor.

Moving to the drug’s appearance, Egrifta comes in dry powder form and is packaged in vials; you’re supposed to mix two vials of Egrifta along with one vial of sterile water (comes with the product). Once you’ve mixed the vials together, you’re ready to inject the solution into the aforementioned area to meet daily recommended amounts (2 mg). With everything already being measured out in vials, this cuts down on the confusion for how much Egrifta you’re supposed to take.

The obvious benefit to using Egrifta for bodybuilding purposes is that you could get rid of excess belly fat that normally takes years of religious training and eating clean. Furthermore, the side effects of Egrifta (muscle pain, fluid retention, injection site redness, numbness) are fairly mild in comparison with some of the other fat-cutting drugs that bodybuilders take.

But while all of this sounds great, the unfortunate downside to using Egrifta is that it’s a relatively new drug, so there aren’t a whole lot of non-HIV-related results available. As said before, the drug is currently in FDA trials to measure its effectiveness in non-HIV patients. Of course, it could take years before any solid findings come out of this. Furthermore, there aren’t a ton of bodybuilders out there using Egrifta to cut fat either, so finding experienced users is pretty tough.

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