Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Side effects of HGH treatment

Although we have focused on the promising benefits for rHGH treatment in HIV infection, kindness of possible side effects is important in ensuring an informed decision can be made. Side effects of rHGH remedy comprise possible joint pain (arthralgia), deviant growth of the body's extremities and impaired glucose prejudice, increasing the danger of category 2 diabetes. Caution is also advised against using over-the-counter or faddy internet products that claim to contain human evolution hormone. Some of them claim to contain plant-derived growth hormone, others demand to contain cow or goat growth hormone, and still others claim to contain substances that increase the body's production of GH. There is no evidence that any of these products contain either a relevant product or a dose needed to induce the types of effects seen in studies. Over-the-counter and internet sales of these 'growth hormone' products are a greater source of condition fraud. Certainly HGH has shown benefits in treating wasting syndrome in advanced stages of HIV disease or AIDS, and its approval as a treatment for cadaver lipodystrophy is encouraging. However, it's important that larger studies confirm these early findings. They can tell us whether or not increases in thymus size and CD4+ cell numbers, associated with HGH use, ultimately advantage people living with HIV and result in better property of life and longer existence. Treatment with GH in HIV is encouraging and exciting, but far more research is still required.

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