Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HIV and life

For many HIV certain persons being crawls towards a slow end after knowing about the disease, but for Manipuri corpse builder Khundrakpam Pradip Kumar Singh his "existing life started" in March 2000 when he learnt that he was contracted with the fatal virus. Defying doctors who had warned him against the rigours of cadaver structure, the 38-year-old from Manipur joined a gymnasium. Nine years down the mark, Pradip Kumar has several achievements to his credit, including the 'Mr Manipur' title in 2007.
He now wants to be a part representation for millions of HIV absolute people. Having thwarted the dangerous virus for more than a decade, Pradip Kumar is still going strong with a sure attitude towards life. Here for the 49th Senior National Men's Body Building and Women's Fitness Championship being held at the Netaji Indoor Stadium, Pradip Kumar says he "needs support" in his mission to spread the communication across and has an aim to gaping a world class gymnasium in his hometown, Imphal. A drug addict during his university days, Pradip Kumar contracted HIV through a shared syringe, but learnt about it years later. "But considering my young age of 29, the doctors in my home town Imphal did not tell me that I had AIDS. It was later in Guwahati, doctors told me about that I was HIV positive and then all hell broke loose. Everything was dark in front of me and I had lost all hopes," Pradip Kumar said. In fact, it was the turning point of his life as he shunned all his "bad habits" and started witnessing existence from a different perspective by taking up carcass building. "God gives everybody a chance and I took up cadaver structure thinking it as a chance to prove myself all over again. I took up body construction seriously and all my perseverance paid off in November 2006 when I got a silver medal in the Mr Manipur competition," he said, recalling about his distressful journey. In order to cope with such a serious problem, the doctor often means steroids are drugs that help people cope with the problem.

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