Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Symptoms and Treatment of HIV

Symptoms of HIV:
The first stage of the infection is called the 'primary HIV infection'. The persons infected by this virus, about more than half of the people develop the symptoms, generally in about 15 to 45 days of the infection. The symptoms would comprise of pain in the joints, fever, muscle pain, sore throat, and swelling in the glands, getting tired out faster than usual and appearance of a spotty rash on the chest.

Generally the symptoms are quite mild and you would tend to link them to some other problem like fever or cold. These symptoms do not show any increment for a long period. This is called 'Asymptomatic HIV infection'.

This virus is internally growing and even damaging the immune system. If the virus is left and not treated, it in turn will bring down the number of the CD4 cells in the body to a very low level and this would cause the immune system to stop functioning. This damage caused to the immune system generally happening in over a period of ten years. This in turn would inexorably result in growing into a severe infection.

The symptoms of a severe infection would be, night sweats, dry cough, inexplicable loss of weight, high fever which would be enduringly long, vision would start getting blur, the mouth or the tongue would develop white spots, shortness in breath, constant diarrhea or even glands tend to swell up and this condition would continue for three or more months.

Treatment of HIV:The first step would be getting referred to a HIV clinic and getting counseled. Then blood tests would be done regularly, these tests would be to keep a check on the viral load and the CD4 cell count. There is no vaccine or medication available which can cure HIV completely. But there are medications like HEART available in order to slow down the speed of the virus and also giving you a longer life span.

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