Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Men with AIDS

Men with AIDS frequently experience chronic or recurrent fevers as a symptom of the disease. A fever occurs when the immune system stimulates an increase in body temperature triggered by the presence of a foreign pathogen, such as a virus or bacterium, in the body. Men who develop fever symptoms may also experience chills or excessive sweating. Profuse sweating may occur most frequently during the night, which can cause men to wake up several times during the night with damp, moist or flushed skin.

Men with AIDS may experience recurrent bowel movements that yield runny, watery or loose stools - a side effect called diarrhoea. Chronic diarrhoea can cause excessive fluid loss and may also lead to significant weight loss. In combination, these side effects may cause an AIDS symptom called wasting syndrome. Men who experience wasting syndrome develop persistent diarrhoea symptoms for at least 30 days and lose at least 10 percent of their normal body mass.
AIDS prevents the immune system from functioning normally, which can increase a man's susceptibility to infections. Consequently, men with AIDS may suffer from recurrent bouts of pneumonia or oral thrush. Infections that occur in men with AIDS may require additional antibiotic or anti fungal treatment to control or mitigate infection symptoms.

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